Ticketless passengers penalised during the month of December-2015

Checking staff of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation has intensified checking of buses operated in and around Bangalore City to detect ticketless travelling by the passengers. During the Month of December-2015 they have checked 30263 trips and penalized 8537 ticketless passengers by collecting Rs. 14,60,770/- as penalty and booked  3753  cases against conductor’s for their dereliction of duty.

            During  the  aforesaid  period  the  Checking Staff  have  penalized  1439 male passengers  occupying seats exclusively reserved  for  lady  passengers  & imposed  fine  of  Rs. 1,43,900/-  in accordance  with  KMV  Rules  94  r/w  section 177  of   MV  Act  1988.

           Passengers are advised to purchase tickets / pass and travel - this will not only avoid levy of penalty / embarrassment but will also help BMTC to give better services to all commuters. Please allow the female passengers to occupy  the   seats  exclusively reserved  for  them.